The ASTN is an industry-led national network with the role of providing leadership in commercialisation, development and promotion of Australian inspired sports technologies.

From its beginning in April 2012 the ASTN has grown rapidly to a point where it now has more than 250 members, and hosted events attended by a total of nearly 5,000 delegates.

The ASTN has a national reach across the entire ‘sports ecosystem’ in Australia, including sports technologies firms, national sporting organisations, sports retailers and marketers, universities, researchers, governments and investors.

The ASTN develops and delivers a number of targeted initiatives focused on supporting the development of the Australian sports technologies industry. These have included;

  • Australian Sports Technologies Industry Studies
  • Advisory and Mentoring Programs
  • HeadStart Accelerator Program
  • Sports Technologies Investment Pitching Competitions (and Education)
  • Australian Sports Technologies Conferences
  • Sports Technologies Entrepreneurship Innovation Forum
  • Sports Technologies Exhibition Opportunities
  • Australian Sports Commission / ASTN Partnership
  • State-based ‘node’ events