James Demetriou
James DemetriouChair
James is an experienced Senior Executive, Director, Business Transformer, Innovator/Mentor and Educator. He has extensively worked with technology startups/ early growth revenue companies; with Middle market companies in M&A.
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Dr. Martin Schlegel
Dr. Martin SchlegelBoard Member
Martin has almost 20 years experience in the sports and recreation, construction and medical specialty chemicals industry in the areas of product development, process engineering and research and development commercialisation. He is Principal of Chemneera Consulting providing advise in the sport and recreation industry across Australia, Europe and the USA.
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Franz Fuss
Franz FussBoard Member
Professor Fuss is the Editor-in Chief of the international scholarly journal ‘Sport Technology’, and the 1st editor of the Routledge Handbook of Sports Technology and Engineering.
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Alex Mednis
Alex MednisBoard Member (NSW Node)
Alex has had over 12 years’ experience managing grassroots sport, and has a wealth of technology experience across both sport and law. An innovator at heart, Alex started his own sports technology company in 2012, which now provides its cloud based management technology to almost 200 clients across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, including 35 governing bodies in Australia.
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