This one-off Study to be conducted in the first half of calendar 2015 was recommended by Prof Danny Samson, School of Management, University of Melbourne as part of the first ever Study into the capacity of the Australian Sports Technologies Industry (titled ‘Lifting our Game: Developing Sports Technologies to Create Value’) released by the ASTN in February 2013.

The scope of the study will include;

  • What can be done to drive improvements and maximise the creation of an innovative sports manufacturing industry, based on learnings from ‘world’s best practice’.
  • Provide insights from clusters in other countries and industries, such as how sports manufacturing clustering effectively works in Germany, Spain and the west-coast of USA.
  • Understand how Victorian sports manufacturers can link better into the sports global supply chain and global sports consumer markets.
  • Understand what can be learned about clustering and innovation mechanisms from other industries that can be adapted for sports manufacturing processes.
  • Building high-level details of the ‘Sports Tech Export Playbook’ which will provide a step-by-step pathway for successful sports product development and exporting.