The ASTN’s new Sports Manufacturing Export Development Programme supports Victorian-based organisations involved in sports product development manufacturing and design to take advantage of opportunities in the $300 billion global sports consumer products market. There are 5 components of this Programme to be delivered over a 3 year period which includes the Innovation & Commercialisation Program.

The Innovation & Commercialisation Program focuses on working directly with at least 6 Victorian-based universities and research organisations to address some of the barriers encountered in transitioning high-potential technology capability into globally competitive consumer-driven sports product innovations.

Developed by the ASTN, and supported by the State Government of Victoria, this 12-month Advisory, Education & Connection Program aims to help like-minded decision-makers to achieve better returns for their institution from research efforts with application to the sports product market.

Delivered via a combination of face-to-face meetings with an experienced advisor and themed workshops, the Program provides access to a unique mix of experts that offers the perfect sounding board for understanding and addressing new opportunities in involving sports product innovation.

Aim of the Program

  • achieve better returns for their institution from research efforts with application to the sports market.
  • develop new networks and partnerships within the sports, manufacturing and sports supply chain sectors.
  • identify and start developing at least 1 high-potential technology capability using Lean LaunchPad methodolgy that could potentially be developed into a consumer-driven sports product
  • new curriculum development and / or improvements in current curricula
  • address barriers encountered in transitioning technology capability into sports product innovations.

Who should participate?

Decision-makers from sports engineering, sports science, materials, design, innovation and commercial research arms that have a strong desire to translate technology capability into new sports product innovations. A willingness to learn and apply new concepts like ‘The Lean Launchpad’ and understand consumer-driven needs in sport is essential.

Program Information
The 2nd year of Program will commenceon 15th June 2016 and will be managed by advisors with extensive experience in sports technology, manufacturing and export development. Subject experts available through the ASTN network will also facilitate workshops and provide guidance.

Some successes from 2015 participating organisations (guide only)

  • International distribution deal secured for protective wear product and preparation of US market entry strategy.
  • International partnering deal in sports analytics
  • Seed and follow-on funding secured for three participating companies.
  • National awards for supply chain solution and preparation of US market entry strategy.
  • Trialling / piloting deal with an international sports governing body.

Assistance provided to 2015 participants (guide only)

  • Assistance in preparation of pitch decks for investor presentations
  • Review and assistance with grants and R&D tax concessions applications.
  • Exposure to ‘Lean Launchpad’ methodology for researchers to implement and improve commercialisation outcomes.
  • Assistance with product development, design and merchandising plans.
  • Assistance in preparation of international market entry plans.
  • Connections into markets (ie. up and down supply chains for product validation and procurement.)
  • Connections to service provider experts eg IP, R&D, distribution, international market entry.
  • Exhibition and industry intelligence opportunities.

Sessional breakdown:

12 month Program – Exclusive Sports Product / Manufacturing / Export Masterclass Event (full day – 15+ expert panelists), ‘Lean LaunchPad’ Workshop, 6 lunch panel sessions with subject experts,  6 one-on-one sessions with advisors plus development of an Action Plan for each participating organisation.

Cost: $5,500 for the year (valued at $12,000+). Your investment includes an annual ASTN membership.

Number of participants: This program will be restricted to 6 participating organisations.

Expressions-of-interest: Expressions-of-interest to participate in this Program close 10 June 2016.

Program exercise: Through the course of the 12 month Program each participant will be required to identify at least 1 high-potential technology capability from their institution that could potentially be developed into a consumer-driven sports product.


Key Workshop & One-on-One Themes:

  • The Lean Launchpad and its application to sports tech commercialisation (ongoing)
    • Business model canvas
    • Customer discovery
    • Agile engineering
  • Understanding the market-driven sports product needs and hot spots
  • Identifying high-potential tech for the sports market
  • Case studies in successful commercialisation of sports tech research
  • Keys to transitioning technology to sports product innovations
  • Identifying and developing partnerships in the sports product supply chains
  • Funding sports technology innovation
  • Pitching a concept to investors
  • Addressing commercialisation barriers

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