ASTN launches Expression-of-Interest to access Seed Investment

The Australian Sports Tech Company is an Australian-based investment company with strong global links in sports and technology. It has significant global connections, footprint and expertise in supporting and mentoring its investee companies.

An ongoing expression-of-interest is open to Australian start-ups (or individuals) that would like to apply for seed funding for their sports tech business. Investment by way of seed funding will indicatively be offered for an amount of up to A$ 100,000 for up to 15% equity stake. Selected start-ups may also have the opportunity to secure follow-on funding from the investor in the future.

TASC focuses on investing in sports technology start-ups that;

  • are initially based in Australia
  • have a demonstrable working prototype
  • have a minimal viable product/service
  • can demonstrate the potential for global scale
  • have a passionate founding team that is willing to be partnered and mentored through the investment process, and;.
  • capable of delivering outstanding financial returns!

Start-ups wishing to explore this opportunity further are required to initially complete an investment submission proposal, outlining the business opportunity and investment request. It is recommended that proposals are made in powerpoint presentation format of;

  • no more than 8 slides plus
  • up to 2 pages of pictures, diagrams, flowcharts or product market materials and
  • up to a 5-minute video

Proposals should address the following (details below);

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Project Description
  • Market Opportunity
  • Target Market
  • Business Model
  • Intellectual Property / Proprietary Knowledge
  • Financials
  • Project Team Capabilities

Start-ups are required to submit their proposal to Tarik Bayrakli at

TASC will review each proposal with the prospect to pitch to TASC for investment.