The ASTN Startup Accelerator Program enables the ASTN to provide free guidance & advisory for suitable start-ups across Australia.


The program is focused on sports technology startups in the following areas;

  • Sports digital
  • Advanced material and sports performance
  • Wellness suitable for athletes of all abilities

The ASTN has unmatched knowledge of the sports tech industry in Australia and this is complimented by an extensive network, as well as valuable connections and entrepreneurship education.


The Program focuses on;

  • improving investment and market readiness;
  • assisting in developing a business model that is innovative, financially sound & prepares for scalability and;
  • accelerating time-to-market to better take advantage of opportunities.


Criteria for selection

Applicants are required to demonstrate that the start-up:

  • has been established for a minimum of 12 months,
  • has a minimum of 2 full-time equivalent team members in the business,
  • has established a scalable business model, and is
  • a company registered in Australia.

The program includes:

  • A dedicated advisor, and access to a broader ASTN expert pool
  • A total of approximately 40 hours free advisory from an experienced sports technology advisor over a 16-20 week period (av. 3hr per week).


The advisory program is flexible to the needs of the start-up and may include a combination of:


  1. Assistance in validation of market opportunity.
  2. Application ‘Lean Launchpad’ methodology as a tool to develop a minimum viable product
  3. Market research / intelligence gathering
  4. Introductions and meeting with aligned organisations in the sports eco-system (as possible partners, customers and service providers)
  5. Assistance in preparation of pitch decks for investor presentations
  6. Development of strategic action plan on what can be reasonably achieved over the Advisory program period.


Current Cohort – Cohort 9

  1. XtremekineticWearables, 3D knitted fly-knit technology, comfortable minimum shoes for exercise, posture improvement.
  2. Ludus Elite Sports Training Pty Ltd (Ludus) – Online sports coaching platform, including Coach the Athlete Program, Coach the Coach Program focusing on Extended Reality (XR) experiences.
  3. GreeneDesk Pty Ltd (GreeneDesk Software) – Software solutions across various sports to provide feedback on participants progress, support customer engagement and retention.
  4. Prism Neuro Pty Ltd (Prism Neuro) – Neuro sensory performance, monitoring, rehabilitation and condition diagnosis software analytics, neuro function testing.
  5. Vitruvian Investments Pty Ltd (Vitruvian) – Strength and fitness training systems.
  6. PlaySport Digital Pty Ltd (PlaySport) – Marketplace for all Physical Activity, Play, Recreation & Sport. A new platform designed to inspire, motivate, and connect all Australians to every local activity personalised to their needs.



Cohort 8 (November 2020)

  1. InsideEDGE Sport & Leisure Planning
  2. L&L Technology
  3. SportMatch
  4. Strength By Numbers

Cohort 7 (August 2020):

  1. Moby Clip Pty Ltd (Fishable)
  2. Trident FRID Pty Ltd
  3. Kanga-Tech Pty Ltd
  4. Netfit Netball – SportFit

Cohort 6 (February 2020)

  1. Alerte Digital Health
  2. Klip Sports
  3. PAM Wayfinding
  4. Treiner
  5. Zena Sport

Cohort 5 (April 2019):

  1. Alerte Equine Science
  2. Athletes AI
  4. LASO Trackscan

Cohort 4 (August 2018):

  2. GAIN LINE Analytics
  3. Ida Sports
  4. parachuute

Cohort 3 (February 2018):

  1. Global Performance Testing
  2. Hone Product Design
  3. Modus Innovations
  4. ProHab

Cohort 2 (August 2017):

  1. Elite Akademy
  2. Rowlytics
  3. Tee2Green
  4. Versus Fitness

Cohort 1 (February 2017):

  1. Albion Sports Technologies
  2. RefLIVE
  3. Rosterfy
  4. BASE Ultra-Endurance