The Australian Sports Technologies Network has received funding from Austrade as part of the Free Trade Agreement Market Entry Grant Program. The grant funding will assist Australian Sports Technology Network (ASTN) companies to push into emerging markets, in particular China.

This program will allow the Australian sports industry to gain recognition in the burgeoning China sports technology market, and represents a major opportunity for monetary partnerships for Australian sport technology companies in China.

After the widely successful partnership between the ASTN and Austrade at SportAccord on the Gold Coast in May, this is another opportunity that puts Australian companies on the world stage.

The grant will cover:

  1. The design and development of a market entry plan for ASTN members entering the China sports technology market, including extensive market research and marketing plans.
  2. The testing of the market entry plan, with the delivery of two trade missions to China; late October 2019 and a major market showcase at a world-class event in May 2020.
  3. The ASTN’s ability to enhance the sports technology industry capacity in the Asia Pacific Region in 2019-20.

The ASTN looks forward to working with Austrade on the above deliverables to enhance and further develop Australia’s rapidly growing sports technology footprint.

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