Centre for Disability Sports Tech in Australia
ASTN Research, Education, Adoption and Health and Wellbeing

ASTN has a world-leading reputation working together with Australia’s leading innovative smart assistive technologies, devices and researchers in the fields of Disability SportsTech, Mobility and Inclusive Smart Technologies.

Technology and Sports Celebrates Inclusion and Opportunity

ASTN contribute significantly to research and practice in disability sportstech and wellness in sport. It consists of two main research strands: Sport Performance and Health and Wellbeing. We believe that technology can drastically reduce mobility barriers and promote inclusion across Australia. ASTN vision is to support game-changing technology to radically improve the mobility and independence of people with physical, intellectual and mobility special needs. Our mission is to improve knowledge about Paralympic sport and to promote the substantial health and quality of life benefits that can be gained through participation in disability sport and physical activity. ASTN members are heavily involved in research and new innovation in disabled sportstech in Australia, in addition to providing educational support to a number of Australian sports leagues and organisations.

Disability Sports Technology and Australian Paralympics

From powered limbs, robotic arms, electronic eyeglases for the legally blind, mind-control of limbs and 3D printing, Australian technologies are revolutionising the integration of a person cutting-edge technologies are improving sports performance and the latest technologies to help improve the lives of Australians with disabilities.

Fitter For Life

ASTN provides education programs that aim to raise awareness of the health benefits of activity and sport for Australian adults with a disability but most importantly it can help you understand how to get fitter and healthier. We help sports leagues, clubs and organisations create disability-specific guides and work with the best of Australia’s sports technology researchers, innovators, designers and technologies.

Disadvantaged & Inclusion

Sports and health technologies can play a powerful role in empowering the inclusion and participation of disadvantaged communities. For example, health technologies can offer Indigenous Australians opportunities to excel in sports participation, as well as promoting better health and education outcomes, encouraging community building, good citizenship and entrepreneurship.

Meet Australian Experts Changing the Future of Disabled Sports Tech, Mobility & Inclusion

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