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Convergence Technology Group was founded in 2013 to provide fully integrated event technology solutions to major sporting events and venues both in Australia and abroad. Leveraging over 20 years’ experience within major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, Commonwealth Games and many more. CTG delivers complex technology design and solutions as well as consulting, strategy development, program management and operations for all major sporting operations.

CTG is now looking to raise capital to further develop our unique mobile app ‘Aircast’, that allows you to receive an in venue broadcast feed in real time over mobile or wireless networks. The sophisticated App allows the user to choose from up to 8 separate feeds (all via one screen) including social media, replays, interviews and highlights.

Their certified, patented technology provides the sports event and broadcast industry with a fully customised streaming application in high density, high definition and 4K – much faster than current streaming services available, and are looking for strategic partners to help us deliver further commercial opportunities and grow Aircast both in Australia and Internationally.

Where did the genesis/idea for your business come from?

Whilst working on the London Olympics I was managing the Media and Broadcast technology operations and noticed that our Media stakeholders would always miss key moments in the sports broadcast whilst moving around the stadium. The idea was born out of the need to for not only the media, but patrons too, to be able to view the event in real time as well as other footage and content that enabled them greater insight into the sport and the event itself, regardless of their location within the venue.


What do you believe sets your business apart from those already in the market?

Given our truly unique blend of experience over the last 20 years, I believe we offer an unparalleled skill set and that this alone sets us apart from others in the market.

With over 20 years hands on experience within technology and broadcast delivery for some of the world’s most notable sporting events, we truly understand the feasibility and planning requirements, enabling us to provide a very detailed needs analysis and technical solution for all events and venues no matter what the size. Our unparalleled understanding and insights enable sporting organisations to limit technology cost blowouts by providing a convergent, robust design that is efficient and fit for purpose. Aircast is an exclusive, patented addition to our business. It offers both the client and their customers greater engagement and insight into the event or sporting competition – all without the need for extensive infrastructure requirements.


What’s your key demographic?

Our key demographic is all sports fans including media and professional stakeholders. Aircast gives greater access and insight into the game providing unique footage not available to all patrons.


What are people most excited by about your product? What do they like most?

People are mostly excited about our flexible framework. Our technology allows both the client and customer to choose the feeds they want access to and change between these as they wish. All in real time with next to zero latency.


What have you learnt about yourself building your company?

I have learnt that it is so important to keep focus on your vision and always strive to develop your product and make it better. You might not always have the answers but experience and persistence will always steer you in the right direction. I also learnt very quickly that there were areas I was not that well versed in as I may have thought I was and that the right partnerships and collaborations are the key to success.


As a business, what have been some of the biggest challenges have faced to date?

Certainly when we first started cashflow was key and finding the right marketing strategy is always challenging. Managing your time can also be difficult as you don’t always have the bandwidth to hire new staff and this means there are occasions when you are having to manage several areas of your business at once.


Looking ahead to the next 12 months, what milestones do you wish to reach?

Our goals this year are to secure commercial agreements of Aircast licensing and also provide additional showcases and proof of concepts for the sports industry and major venues. We are also planning on enhancing the functionality and further network optimisation including 5G capability.


Anything else you’d like to mention?

We love what Aircast brings to an event, it adds to the experience and allows the user to engage in the sport as well as access replay and highlights in real time in case any moments are missed. We believe that Aircast enhances the event experience!


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