Sydney, NSW

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Where did the genesis/idea for your business come from?

I am an avid sailor and have seen many times the issues that yacht racing teams have in getting their crew organised, and how hard it can be for people to find suitable crews to join so they can go sailing. I wanted to create a solution that would eliminate some of the hassles of going sailing so people can focus on the sport and their sailing, and something that would also give people opportunities to sail more or try things they wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to do.


What do you believe sets your business apart from those already in the market?

We have focused on an under serviced niche for this type of service – yacht racing. Our aim is to create a platform that connects people across the industry and provides an easy way to organise everything that needs to be done in order for them to go sailing. As such, we are creating the most comprehensive solution for the yacht racing, and eventually the whole sailing industry.


What’s your key demographic?

We are focused on sailors and people interested in sailing, in particular yacht racing. Our key geographical focus at the moment is Australia and New Zealand, but we will be expanding soon into other geographical markets.


What are people most excited by about your product? What do they like most?

People love the fact that we are focused on yacht racing, and on bringing new people into the sport. We have a vibrant and growing community and provide additional services such as our weekly Sail Racing newsletter that help inspire and teach people about sailing.


What have you learnt about yourself building your company?

I’ve learnt that my passion really lies in creating something. I love seeing an idea brought to life and put into use, and the results that has. I’ve very much a doer, which is a good thing in a small start-up as lots of things need to be done! I’m also a bit of a ‘yes’ person which can be good and bad – sometimes you need to say no and be tough to ensure that you’re doing the best thing for the company.


As a business, what have been some of the biggest challenges have faced to date?

Access to capital is a huge challenge. It’s tough getting something started from nothing, and without capital it takes longer and you need to be a bit more creative. I also think that not having too much capital to throw at something early on can be a good thing, as it makes you really think about every dollar you spend and have to be a bit smarter about what you do.


Looking ahead to the next 12 months, what milestones do you wish to reach?

We are going to expand to three overseas test markets, continue focus on building out user base and build out the product a bit further. Towards the end of the next 12 months we want to be at a stage where we’ve achieved a few key goals with the aim of then securing seed capital to expand and accelerate or growth further.


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