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Wicked Witch Software is one of Australia’s leading game developer companies, producing the famed AFL Evolution Series, amongst other successful games.


What do you believe sets your business apart from those already in the market?

Wicked Witch – Grand Masters in the Ancient art of Video Games.

Wicked Witch Software is a long-established leading video game developer based in Melbourne Australia. Wicked Witch develops games and graphics applications on a wide range of platforms including PC, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, VR and more! We work for hire, co-develop, and create original content with partners all over the world and are always looking for funding and development opportunities to create more long-term relationships!

Our technical capabilities are among the best in the country and the world. Very few people can do what we can do, and even fewer can do it as well as we do! This is what sets us apart.

What’s your key demographic?

Video game players and companies looking for innovative products and solutions using high end 3D graphics and interactive experiences!


Recent Awards:

2015 Smartcompany – Smart50, Finalist, Top Exporter & Finalist Digital Innovator

2015 Smartcompany – 47 Smart50

2014 Runner-Up – Governor of Victoria Export Awards

2014 GDC Play – Best in Play “Honourable Mention”

2014 Smartcompany – 36 Smart50

2013 Tim Richards Award – Film Victoria Significant contribution to Digital Media

2013 Australia Screen Sound Guild – Winner Best Sound Interactive Media

2013 Institute for Independent Business – Business of the Year

2012 Apple Editor’s Choice Best Games of the Year – Catapult King

What are people most excited by about your product? What do they like most?

In general, the innovation, high quality and amazing graphics! Some examples:



Develop the game for all platforms

Create all features

Include over 65 official licenses from around the world

Australian and International stadiums

All player likenesses and animations

Australian, French, South African and New Zealand commentary

Inclusion of official sponsors and advertisers throughout the game

Distributed the game on PC via Steam

Cutscenes, promotional video and promotional images



Apple – Editors Choice – Best Casual Game 2013

#1 Overall – 56 Countries and #1 Game – 113 Countries

4.5 Star Rating – iOS

4.5 Star Rating – Google Play

40,000,000+ Million downloads

600,000+ downloads per month (current)

Releasing XBOX ONE / PS4 Versions 2019

Lead conversion / Gamblit Gaming




What have you learnt about yourself building your company?

We had to work amazingly hard for a long time, and most importantly build teams of amazing people!


As a business, what have been some of the biggest challenges have faced to date?

At Wicked Witch, Daniel wears many hats, and always has. From Producer, Lead Programmer, Lead Designer to Managing Director. Wicked Witch has developed product for some of the biggest brands in Australia and around the world on nearly every software platform.

During this time Wicked Witch has also built on their own Intellectual Property by producing their own game engine and software titles culminating in the 2012 release of Catapult King for Iphone and Ipad. Catapult King currently has over 13 Million players world wide, reached number one in over 100 countries and received several awards.

Wicked Witch now boasts an enviable catalogue of games built for third parties, their own IP, and products developed (using games technology) for the corporate sector.

The main challenge during all of this is securing the funding for some of our most creative visions and ambitious projects!


Looking ahead to the next 12 months, what milestones do you wish to reach?

We are looking to build a larger client base, for more ongoing work and to release more innovative projects.

Wicked Witch want to work with strong licensing partners

Wicked Witch has gone from strength to strength delivering fantastic developed titles for multiple publishers, and are seeking long term partners

Wicked Witch LOVES to make games, we are not wedded to building our own fantastic IP, we already have, Catapult King

Wicked Witch is arguable the Top independent Australian owned video game studio in Australia


Anything else you’d like to mention?

We are always willing to continually connect with new companies and encourage anyone to reach out to our organisation, especially if you would benefit from high end 3D computer graphic solutions or are looking for technical advice and software development in general. We are always working and happy to help!


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